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Mini-review of Women Write Resistance edited by Laura Madeline Wiseman


I was so thrilled and honored when Lincoln-based poet Laura Madeline Wiseman (who is also reading this Friday at Noyes Art Gallery in Lincoln; details below and here) asked me to read through the final draft of  Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence (Hyacinth Girl Press, 2013) for minor errors and the anthology did not let down, to say the least. The book is now available on amazon.com; below is my very short, understated review on a truly revolutionary work of art…

Poetry, like visual art, illuminates with the potential of societal change. Judy Chicago’s 2006 sculpture, “Snake Arm”—a raised a fist coiled by a golden snake—calls to mind fertility and connection while also questioning aggression and war. Her series, “The Holocaust Project” (1985-93) brought the darkened tragedy of the Holocaust’s violent “medical experiments” and sexual violation of women to attention. Faith Ringgold’s “The Flag is Bleeding #2,” (1973), a piece on violence against women, offers the American flag, a symbol for militarism and racial violence, and a stoic black mother who attempts to protect her children, while she, the children, and the flag bleed. These artistsdeal with violence and political issues head-on, garnering revolutionary enlightenment and societal change. Each of the diverse, enthralling poems in Wiseman’s Women Write Resistance is a work of art, revealing hope and cultural transformation. Exhilarating and groundbreaking, Women Write Resistance combines true heart-wrenching stories of gender abuse with revelatory “sassing” language demanding meaningful conversation on the universal issue and, hopefully, change.

~Sally Deskins, founding editor of Les Femmes Folles, journal of women in art

Read more about Women Write Resistance and Laura Madeline Wiseman at lauramadelinewiseman.com. Keep posted on Women Write Resistance at facebook.com/womenwriteresistancepoetsresistgenderviolence.

Hear Wiseman read her work alongside other writers who are women this Friday, March 1, 6pm. at Noyes Art Gallery, 119 S. 9th St. in Lincoln. Details here.

Wiseman was also a featured reader at LFF & momaha.com’s reading on motherhood to close my “What Will Her Kids Think?” exhibit at Star Deli Gallery February 24. You can see her reading her work on youtube!